Taking a break

Yes, folks. I am finally getting out of my comfort bubble to write you this post. I felt like I owe my blog and some friends (if you guys still continue to come here, that is) an explanation to my continuous absence in the blogging community. (I even missed my first anniversary! How awful is that??!!??!! Siiiigh.)


So first things first. I am seriously having a serious problem here (yep, emphasis on the serious, people)! I’ve lost some motivation to constantly write blog posts in here. What’s worse is that I’ve lost some motivation to read. Well, okay, to be perfectly honest, I’ve lost the motivation to do anything in general. To think this is my last semester of college too. You may think I’m such a loser for giving up but I’ve been having some anxiety problems these past few months. I’ve gotten really anxious with school, with exams, with my final semester, with graduation, with the future, with life. So yes, it’s a serious problem. Sometimes, I talk to my family to at least have some of that motivation back so I can focus on school (which is a total fail, by the way. I am so. Distracted.) and sometimes, I talk to my support group aka my friends. We are facing the same problems at school so it really helps to get support from them.

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