Insurgent Movie: Review & Discussion

I had no classes today so I decided to finally watch Insurgent because I’ve been really busy with school stuff these past months and I’ve heard both good and bad things (mostly bad things, actually) about the movie so I’ve been putting it off since. But after watching it and liking it, I deemed it necessary to write a blog post about what I thought of it. You know, just so we can have something different in this page. Also because Insurgent is my favorite book out of the trilogy (series, if you want to include Four, but technically it is a trilogy). Anyway, so yeah, it’s important for me to talk about Insurgent. So.

But first, before I forget, let me warn you that this is a discussion so it will contain spoilers so if you haven’t read the entire series, I suggest you close the tab, my friend. If you’re stubborn and that warning just spiked your curiosity even more and you decide to continue on with this post and then hate me afterwards, then you have a very big problem. Alright? Okay!

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ARC Review: The Light of Day by Kristen Kehoe


Title: The Light of Day (Beyond the Horizon #2)

Author: Kristen Kehoe

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Life, Love

Publication Date: October 7, 2014

Publisher: Kristen Kehoe

Source: eARC via Netgalley


Two broken dreams, one apartment, and the chance to start again.

In this second installment in the Beyond the Horizon series, Cora, Mia’s cousin from Beyond the Horizon, has made some bad choices in her life, and these choices have led to bad things. Now, she’s on the mend, but while she’s mending, she’s learning how to live again, which also means learning how to love, and let others love her.

I have received a digital copy of this book via netgalley. Thank you, Ms. Kristen!

This book is about love, acceptance, and moving on. Cora, a twenty something girl from Portland, has a lot of problems. She has familial and love issues and has problems fitting in (in terms of friendship). She has been a rebellious girl all her llife. She grew up craving attention and love from her parents, which she has never gotten because of bad choices, both on her part and on her parents’ part. As someone who lacks care and love, she has sought comfort from alcohol and men. She used these to forget and numb the pain – even for a little while. She’s been deep into her problems to the extent where she couldn’t get up on her own anymore. Start something on own and for herself. Until her cousin, Mia, had to persuade her to seek help and be better. Continue reading →