Salwa’s Reading Solace | An Introductory Post


“WHY READING SOLACE?”, you may ask.

I haven’t always been a reader. My form of escape from reality when I was a kid was anime. I read manga but novels used to bore me. Oh, the torture of reading all those words, a naive younger Salwa used to think. (She missed out on a lot of amazing books but OH WELL.) It wasn’t until I was in sophomore year of high school that I read and finished a book. And then another; then another; and then the rest is history.

Now it’s my number one form of escape. I read whenever I’m bored or happy or whenever I just want to visit another world. Mostly, I read a LOT whenever I’m sad. There was a time a year ago when I was feeling so down. I didn’t think it was depression but it came close to it.

Anyway, reading books had been my only comfort at the comfort. Also, my name Salwa – سلوى is an Arabic word and it has numerous English translations, including a kind of bird called ‘Salwa’ and “solace” (synonyms are: “consolation” or “comfort”), among other things. So after four years of going by “voguishperuser”, I finally changed my handle to “readingsolace” since I thought it fits me and my blog best. ❤


I’m Salwa and I love reading fantasy books. I’ve started reading young adult fantasy in 2015 and have loved them since. I’ve started reading adult books two years ago because I realized that my reading tastes have changed (but I still love YA Fantasy!). I am also an absolute anime geek *wink wink* and I love romantic ships. Book couples are my children. 

I guess that’d be all for now. I’ve been blogging for almost four years now (with a two-year hiatus) and I’m still a newbie and I know I should post often but I’m taking baby steps. Also, I guess it’s easier to rave about books on twitter. I always find myself intimated by writing long posts LOL. So yes, I’m more active on twitter. You can also find me on instagram. You can find the links below and on the sidebar, if you’re interested!

So, first things first. My name’s Salwa; I’m a twenty year-old college fangirl from the Philippines and I am too lazy for my own good very used to procrastinating. I like to waste my time on twitter and instagram. Just recently, I’ve harbored an affection towards books. My love for reading though had started five years ago. I mostly read romance, chick lit, and fantasy. Now some of my favorite genres are YA, NA, fantasy, and sci-fi. My love for books has escalated since I created a bookstagram, an instagram account dedicated for books only. Because of that, I found my way to book blog reviews and voila! It interested me enough to get me to start my own.
I’m looking forward to posting/sharing my reviews and I hope I can keep this place running. Thanks for your time! 😉

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  1. Hey Ate Salwa! 🙂 So there’s this thing going on called the One Lovely Blog Award and decided to nominate you, ’cause I love your blog. 😀 Hopefully you’ll get through the rest of the sem (I hear you haven’t read much) and keep blogging!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Awwww that’s so sweet! I honestly don’t consider my blog that special because, let’s be honest, I often neglect it (cos school) but it’s understandable (I hope). Thanks for the love and I am hoping I can get through this semester without complications. 😀
      I envy that you can blog everyday, though. Even if they’re short entries sometimes. That’s very admirable. ❤

      Liked by 1 person


      1. OMG. Most of them are cheats (bless the ‘schedule post’ feature) but I did try, and I hope I can improve in the future. And any blog is special because everything that’s on the blog required effort so have a marshmallow to reward yourself. I wish you all the best! 😀


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